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IBM Domino 8.0 nsf upgrade failures causing corruption on Lotus Notes Database Views

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I had an issue where corruption on local Lotus Notes Database views resulted in views such as the Inbox showing [Replication or Save Conflict] instead of actual emails.  For me this occurred during migrating nsf files to the latest version (Version 6.x to Version 8.x) on Lotus Domino (Domino was already version 8.0.1 however we wanted to take advantage of new Domino features such as improved compression). It appears some users local databases obviously were using old versions of the nsf file.

The first thing to do is refresh the affected views, open IBM Notes and get a view showing “[Replication or Save Conflict]”, press Shift + F9
Close the IBM Notes client and delete the Cache file in the Notes data directory (cache.ndk).
Reload IBM Notes and see if this has resolved the issue, if not on the Domino Server run “load updall -R mail\username.nsf”

As a last resort on the client rename cache.ndk desktop6/8.ndk’s in the users data directory (Obviously renaming the desktops may affect older IBM Notes apps!)

Unable to turn off Out of Office when it was set in Lotus Domino Web Access 8.0

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If a user finds they are unable to turn off their Out of Office Alert after setting it on Domino Web Access in version 8.0 the below fix from IBM Notes Forum can correct the affected Agents behaviour.

1. Run “tell amgr sched” on all the servers in the Domain in order to verify in what database (mail\.nsf) is running the Out Of Office agent.
2. Open the database with the problem (mail\.nsf) from the Domino Administrator.
3. Go to –> View –> Design. At this point the Lotus Domino Designer will be opened with the database selected.
4. Expand the Code section from the left side menu and double click in Agents.
5. Select the OutOfOffice agent from the list.
6. Click in Disable button and close.
7. Verify again the Out Of Office agent from the server console executing: “tell amgr sched”.
At this point, the Out Of Office for this specific client will be disabled.

SNMP Agent in Lotus Domino Server for Windows Server

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To setup the Domino 8.0.x SNMP Agent (If not included as a feature when installing Lotus Domino) first ensure Windows snmp service is installed and stopped. Dominos SNMP utilises event4.nsf and therefore can be customised as required.

We can instruct the Domino Server to install a service on Windows by running the following in a Domino console window
lnsnmp -Sc
As long as Domino is running with admin right a new service should appear and Domino should configure it to run automatically. Instead of restarting the server you can start both services from a Windows Command Prompt window running with administrative privileges.
net start snmp
net start lnsnmp

SNMP Tools (Requires loading Dominos MIB file which should be in the Domino’s executable folder) should now be able to query the status of the Lotus Domino Server.

Compress and move existing Windows 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express backups

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The following has been used to backup a server with Cisco Cubac on. The software runs on Windows 2012 machine and uses SQL Server 2008 Express.
As its not on a managed server I had to find a way to backup the server and the database, plus keep the backup as small as possible.
I get the Windows backup tool to backup once a day and save it to D:\WindowsImageBackup\, I then get the script below to run which then backs up SQL Server 2008 Express separately. I then get the backups compressed with 7zip and move them to a network storage device.
The destination NAS required a username and password, I had to put in a username and password (Not recommended although I believe SAMBA may not have been configured correctly).
If the server was on the same domain as the backup destination then get rid of “/user:username Password” from the net use line, normally having an account with the same username and password should work.

This batch requires RoboCopy (I believe is installed with the OS), 7Zip, a destination device and lots of disc space to fit the backups.

This has been used on a server with Windows 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express to backup a Cisco Cubac install.
The script will call SqlBackup.sql to tell SQL to backup the databases (As it installed with SQL Server 2008 Express).
Everything surrounded by <> needs to be changed, anything calling a directory needs to be checked.
%hostname% is not used for ServerHostName variable, its used for the SQL instance name (Which normally is the hostname).

This second file (SQL Backup File for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express) is called separately, above I have called it SqlBackup.sql in the folder specified in variable BackupScript.

Synctoy 2.1 setup batch script

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This code was used to speed up the setup of SyncToy 2.1 (I see no reason to backup the entire user profile folder, but I hate having to setup multiple sync jobs). As Microsoft has not updated SyncToy it may not work on anything other than Windows 7.
The script expects SyncToy 2.1 is installed and that the destination is always the H drive (For whatever reason I am not using a variable for the main location, I may update this at some point as code to select another path is already in).

Simple backup and restore scripts

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Back when my workplace migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7, I became lazy and automated backing up and restoring a users profiles important files in a batch script.
Here I backup to the drive H, this drive is pretty much our standard user drive. If the user does not have a H drive some pretty neat code from https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.msdos.batch.nt/kOsN-QIOYEY displays a folder selection box (As annoyingly some users didn’t have their home drive set as H). Although I have set the filepath as LaptopBackup I have used it on Desktops as well.
The code deliberately terminates if it detects it isn’t on Windows 7, this is purely because I haven’t tested this in a network environment on other OS’s!
Known faults are pinned shortcuts in the taskbar don’t appear and printer settings don’t migrate (I never got around to correcting it).

This section of code is to backup to %backupdir%\LaptopBackup\

This section of code is to restore from %backupdir%\LaptopBackup\

Update August 2017. I have found Windows 10 Sticky Notes needs to be moved to a different location so data can be imported, the below has been added as where I work is currently planning to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
Further amendments may be needed and obviously the backup script above doesn’t account for the new data location for Sticky Notes.
Corrected restore location of restore script April 2018 (Whoops)

Old Sites

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This is just a note to acknowledge that back in 2001 until 2011 I hosted a number of Gaming websites for a number of communities.  It generated a whole $100 of revenue (never near the operating costs) but had over 20 million page views and allowed me to develop skills as a system administrator on CentOS, cPanel and various scripts which were utilised.  We went from simple shared hosting to using multiple Dedicated Servers during our peak:

Special thank’s goes to:
Half Life Improvement Team (Matt, AI and many others not mentioned)
LaggedRabbit for help with Sven Co-op Central
The BP Kr3w (Luke, Simon, Rob, Ali, Hammi, Phil and many others not mentioned)
The Lanning Crews (FrictionLan, FossLan, SIRLan)
Shawson for the designing the iconic BuLLetPain website and for the awesome Shawson&Co adventures which spawned its own website.
With Friends Like These (Lurid, Wrin, Kain and many others not mentioned)
Every clan we supported
SirTart (For classic whitty banter)
UKDedicated, Sagonet, Layeredtech who have hosted us over the years and provided our many download mirrors for BuLLetFiles and Sven Co-op Central.
ikonboard (The first forum used by BuLLetPain) and InvisionBoard (Used during BuLLetPain’s most popular years)
e107 (Which powered Sven Co-op Central)
RWScripts (Which powered BuLLetFiles)
BuLLetPain was started in December 2001 and closed in 2006-7 but continued supporting communities into 2011 until Sven Co-op Central closed.