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Simple error checking when running batch files from T-SQL in SQL Server

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A while ago we added error trapping to the batch file called by a SQL script, this was to ensure if a program failed the rest of the process would not run: After ensuring the program would return an error level if something went wrong we then I then used the ErrorLevel and an if […]

Why use ACCDE and then ACCDR Access Front Ends

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Nearly every single Microsoft Access “database” I use has a proper database attached instead of using the internal Jet Engine, this means data is not actually stored in the Access “database” and I therefore call them Access Frontends. Compiling your Access front ends to ACCDE provides a compiled copy of your Access Front End. I […]

Within a batch file run a program for a certain length of time before killing it

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I needed to run a scheduled batch job and kill it off after a certain amount of time, this was because the program would run what it needed and then run as normal (If it exists then there is no reason to use start or timeout). As it actually ran as a service I didn’t […]

Delink a Shared Mail Notes Files when the system utilised Shared Mail

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We had a number of nsf files given to us by a company we had purchased, however they utilised Shared Mails and the resulting Notes Files contained lots of missing attachments. A process of de-linking needed to be run to basically tell Domino to copy shared items back to the nsf file and not to […]

T-SQL Get current Unix Time

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The following allows you to work out the current time on the Unix Environment. The Datediff function is used to work out the number of seconds between 01/01/1970 and the current date. I have used this against data which is stored and as Unix time.

Other resources for T-SQL Dates: DwainCSQL

Remove a password from server.id from a IBM Domino 8 server

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The server.id can be setup to have a password. This can cause problems on Windows where on Windows 2003 the Domino server starts, however it expects a password. This caused me the issue of getting stuck when logging in. Although passwords are recommended I tend to rely on the security of the server (Ensuring only […]

Outlook 2010: VBA delay sending of emails until the next working day if outside of reasonable hours

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This Outlook 2010 VBA code was used to impose a time when emails could not be sent and were instead delayed until the next work day. This was put together (Credits go to key parts of this VBA are in the actual code) because the Managing Director where I work realised he was making people […]

Make mailto links open IBM Notes 8 Basic Configuration instead of Standard

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Note: I can’t find who to credit with this, I believe it was the IBM Notes forum but I never took a URL. When IBM Notes 8 is installed mailto links will still launch the Standard Client. For machines which you want to launch the Standard Client the registry needs to be amended Open the […]