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Delink a Shared Mail Notes Files when the system utilised Shared Mail

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We had a number of nsf files given to us by a company we had purchased, however they utilised Shared Mails and the resulting Notes Files contained lots of missing attachments. A process of de-linking needed to be run to basically tell Domino to copy shared items back to the nsf file and not to […]

T-SQL Get current Unix Time

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The following allows you to work out the current time on the Unix Environment. The Datediff function is used to work out the number of seconds between 01/01/1970 and the current date. I have used this against data which is stored and as Unix time.

Other resources for T-SQL Dates: DwainCSQL

Remove a password from server.id from a IBM Domino 8 server

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The server.id can be setup to have a password. This can cause problems on Windows where on Windows 2003 the Domino server starts, however it expects a password. This caused me the issue of getting stuck when logging in. Although passwords are recommended I tend to rely on the security of the server (Ensuring only […]

Outlook 2010: VBA delay sending of emails until the next working day if outside of reasonable hours

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This Outlook 2010 VBA code was used to impose a time when emails could not be sent and were instead delayed until the next work day. This was put together (Credits go to key parts of this VBA are in the actual code) because the Managing Director where I work realised he was making people […]

Make mailto links open IBM Notes 8 Basic Configuration instead of Standard

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Note: I can’t find who to credit with this, I believe it was the IBM Notes forum but I never took a URL. When IBM Notes 8 is installed mailto links will still launch the Standard Client. For machines which you want to launch the Standard Client the registry needs to be amended Open the […]

IBM Domino 8.0 nsf upgrade failures causing corruption on Lotus Notes Database Views

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I had an issue where corruption on local Lotus Notes Database views resulted in views such as the Inbox showing [Replication or Save Conflict] instead of actual emails.  For me this occurred during migrating nsf files to the latest version (Version 6.x to Version 8.x) on Lotus Domino (Domino was already version 8.0.1 however we […]

Unable to turn off Out of Office when it was set in Lotus Domino Web Access 8.0

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If a user finds they are unable to turn off their Out of Office Alert after setting it on Domino Web Access in version 8.0 the below fix from IBM Notes Forum can correct the affected Agents behaviour. 1. Run “tell amgr sched” on all the servers in the Domain in order to verify in […]

SNMP Agent in Lotus Domino Server for Windows Server

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To setup the Domino 8.0.x SNMP Agent (If not included as a feature when installing Lotus Domino) first ensure Windows snmp service is installed and stopped. Dominos SNMP utilises event4.nsf and therefore can be customised as required. We can instruct the Domino Server to install a service on Windows by running the following in a […]

Compress and move existing Windows 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express backups

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The following has been used to backup a server with Cisco Cubac on. The software runs on Windows 2012 machine and uses SQL Server 2008 Express. As its not on a managed server I had to find a way to backup the server and the database, plus keep the backup as small as possible. I […]