IBM Domino 8.0 nsf upgrade failures causing corruption on Lotus Notes Database Views

I had an issue where corruption on local Lotus Notes Database views resulted in views such as the Inbox showing [Replication or Save Conflict] instead of actual emails.  For me this occurred during migrating nsf files to the latest version (Version 6.x to Version 8.x) on Lotus Domino (Domino was already version 8.0.1 however we wanted to take advantage of new Domino features such as improved compression). It appears some users local databases obviously were using old versions of the nsf file.

The first thing to do is refresh the affected views, open IBM Notes and get a view showing “[Replication or Save Conflict]”, press Shift + F9
Close the IBM Notes client and delete the Cache file in the Notes data directory (cache.ndk).
Reload IBM Notes and see if this has resolved the issue, if not on the Domino Server run “load updall -R mail\username.nsf”

As a last resort on the client rename cache.ndk desktop6/8.ndk’s in the users data directory (Obviously renaming the desktops may affect older IBM Notes apps!)