Old Sites

This is just a note to acknowledge that back in 2001 until 2011 I hosted a number of Gaming websites for a number of communities.  It generated a whole $100 of revenue (never near the operating costs) but had over 20 million page views and allowed me to develop skills as a system administrator on CentOS, cPanel and various scripts which were utilised.  We went from simple shared hosting to using multiple Dedicated Servers during our peak:

Special thank’s goes to:
Half Life Improvement Team (Matt, AI and many others not mentioned)
LaggedRabbit for help with Sven Co-op Central
The BP Kr3w (Luke, Simon, Rob, Ali, Hammi, Phil and many others not mentioned)
The Lanning Crews (FrictionLan, FossLan, SIRLan)
Shawson for the designing the iconic BuLLetPain website and for the awesome Shawson&Co adventures which spawned its own website.
With Friends Like These (Lurid, Wrin, Kain and many others not mentioned)
Every clan we supported
SirTart (For classic whitty banter)
UKDedicated, Sagonet, Layeredtech who have hosted us over the years and provided our many download mirrors for BuLLetFiles and Sven Co-op Central.
ikonboard (The first forum used by BuLLetPain) and InvisionBoard (Used during BuLLetPain’s most popular years)
e107 (Which powered Sven Co-op Central)
RWScripts (Which powered BuLLetFiles)
BuLLetPain was started in December 2001 and closed in 2006-7 but continued supporting communities into 2011 until Sven Co-op Central closed.