SNMP Agent in Lotus Domino Server for Windows Server

To setup the Domino 8.0.x SNMP Agent (If not included as a feature when installing Lotus Domino) first ensure Windows snmp service is installed and stopped. Dominos SNMP utilises event4.nsf and therefore can be customised as required.

We can instruct the Domino Server to install a service on Windows by running the following in a Domino console window
lnsnmp -Sc
As long as Domino is running with admin right a new service should appear and Domino should configure it to run automatically. Instead of restarting the server you can start both services from a Windows Command Prompt window running with administrative privileges.
net start snmp
net start lnsnmp

SNMP Tools (Requires loading Dominos MIB file which should be in the Domino’s executable folder) should now be able to query the status of the Lotus Domino Server.