Synctoy 2.1 setup batch script

This code was used to speed up the setup of SyncToy 2.1 (I see no reason to backup the entire user profile folder, but I hate having to setup multiple sync jobs). As Microsoft has not updated SyncToy it may not work on anything other than Windows 7.
The script expects SyncToy 2.1 is installed and that the destination is always the H drive (For whatever reason I am not using a variable for the main location, I may update this at some point as code to select another path is already in).

rem Batch Script to setup Synctoy 2.1.  Tested on Windows 7 for standard Users.
rem Additional Credits!topic/alt.msdos.batch.nt/kOsN-QIOYEY for on the fly generation of VBS code
rem Amended 2/4/2014 to use Contribute instead of Synchronise to prevent unexpected deletions for users being moved servers with an out of date backup.
                REM Check Windows Version is 7
                                ver | findstr /i "6\.1\." > nul
                                IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 goto sub_begincheck
                                                goto sub_wrongos
                rem Show Home Drive for troubleshooting purposes
                                rem set homedrive
                rem show profile directory for troubleshooting purposes
                                rem set userprofile
                rem If Homedrive is H begin copy
                                if "%homedrive%"=="H:" then
                                                Set backupdir=%homedrive%
                                                                goto :sub_synctoysetup
                rem If Homedrive is not H: ask for new filepath
                                goto :BrowseFolder
                rem Create Directories on H:
                                mkdir "H:\LaptopBackup\"
                                mkdir "H:\LaptopBackup\Desktop"
                                mkdir "H:\LaptopBackup\Favorites"
                                mkdir "H:\LaptopBackup\Documents"
                                mkdir "H:\LaptopBackup\Downloads"
                                mkdir "H:\LaptopBackup\Music"
                                mkdir "H:\LaptopBackup\Pictures"
                                mkdir "H:\LaptopBackup\Videos"
                rem Change drive to C to action copy
                rem Change Directory to Synctoy
                                CD %ProgramFiles%\SyncToy 2.1
                rem Setup SyncToy Folders for Windows 7
                                SyncToy.exe -d(left="%USERPROFILE%\Desktop",right="H:\LaptopBackup\Desktop",name=Desktop,operation=Echo)
                                SyncToy.exe -d(left="%USERPROFILE%\Favorites",right="H:\LaptopBackup\Favorites",name=Favorites,operation=Echo)
                                SyncToy.exe -d(left="%USERPROFILE%\Documents",right="H:\LaptopBackup\Documents",name=Docs,operation=Echo)
                                SyncToy.exe -d(left="%USERPROFILE%\Downloads",right="H:\LaptopBackup\Downloads",name=Downloads,operation=Echo)
                                SyncToy.exe -d(left="%USERPROFILE%\Music",right="H:\LaptopBackup\Music",name=Music,operation=Echo)
                                SyncToy.exe -d(left="%USERPROFILE%\Pictures",right="H:\LaptopBackup\Pictures",name=Pictures,operation=Echo)
                                SyncToy.exe -d(left="%USERPROFILE%\Videos",right="H:\LaptopBackup\Videos",name=Videos,operation=Echo)
                rem Clear Screen to make it easier to view next message
                rem Copy Complete Echo and Pause
                                ECHO Setup of SyncToy is now Complete.  Files are setup to be backed up to H:\LaptopBackup\.  Please open SyncToy and run a backup now.
                rem Set Temporary files
                rem Below is the Visual Basic Script, do not indent!
                                set vbs=%temp%\_.vbs
                                set tmp=%temp%\_.cmd
> "%vbs%" echo set WshShell=WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
>>"%vbs%" echo set shell = WScript.CreateObject("Shell.Application")
>>"%vbs%" echo set folder=shell.BrowseForFolder(0,"Select Backup Location",0)
>>"%vbs%" echo if typename(folder)="Nothing" Then
>>"%vbs%" echo wscript.echo "set backupdir=Dialog Cancelled"
>>"%vbs%" echo WScript.Quit(1)
>>"%vbs%" echo end if
>>"%vbs%" echo set folderItems=folder.Items()
>>"%vbs%" echo set folderItem=folderItems.Item()
>>"%vbs%" echo pathname=folderItem.Path
>>"%vbs%" echo wscript.echo "set backupdir="^& chr(34) ^& pathname ^& chr(34)
                rem Run the script with WSH
                                cscript //nologo "%vbs%" > "%tmp%"
                rem Read the output file and set Path as Env variable %backupdir%
                                for /f "delims=" %%a in (%tmp%) do %%a
                rem Clear up
                                DEL %VBS%
                                DEL %TMP%
                rem Finished now go to copy
                                goto :sub_synctoysetup
                rem Wrong Operating System Detected, echo and exit
                                                ECHO This script is only supported on Windows 7.  You are running
                rem End of File Catch for Errors
                                ECHO End of file called!