Georgia Telnet or SSH generate a list of users for GS_L_User.txt

Georgia Telnet can restrict the number of users that connect to Telnet or SSH.
I am lazy so I tend to generate a list based off our user logon scripts folders, however I do of course take a backup and test it afterwards.

echo Change to the drive where your Georgia logon scripts are located
echo Change to the folder to where your Georgia logon scripts are located
cd D:\Datalinx\GS_UTS\scripts
echo Get the dir command to write out a simple list of directories into a file called dir.txt
dir /B /A:D >dir.txt
echo add a 1 to end of each row and copy the list into the file GS_L_User.txt located normally a directory above the user script folders.
echo It takes place straight away

Additional information:
Georgia Telnet Manual and Logon Features