NL Batch processing states there is an error with a journal which does not show in list

In my experience this occurs on large Journals populated outside of Sage into Sage’s SQL database

Record the errors or check the system.log file on the company for affected entries. Check if the entries actually exist with a TSQL statement
select * from scheme.nljrnm(nolock) where journal_no IN (‘‘,’‘)
order by journal_no,page_no

Normally you will find page 1 to 10 are missing.
Double check the system.log states the journal posted successfully and ensure your accountant can see everything has posted (As page 1 to 10 are missing you will not have all entries but they should be posted)

Correct by removing from nljrnm, backup the table and then delete the records. Always use BEGIN TRAN in case more entries are selected than expected.

select * into scheme.nljrnm from scheme.nljrnm
–Backup entire table
delete from scheme.nljrnm where journal_no IN (‘000013045′,’000013345’)