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Setup MS SQL Server Alerts via TSQL

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Amend TSQL to your environment, run the TSQL, restart the agent service and test (I find it easy to enter an incorrect username and password).

Tidy Sage Line 500 ERP Temporary Tables via TSQL

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The official Sage Help has a select statement to delete temporary tables, but doesn’t allow an automated way to remove. This script will delete tables so you must take extra care, I recommend trialing this on your Development Sage ERP system first. Review every step and when you are happy Commit the transactions (If run […]

Avoid error “2427 You entered an expression that has no value” when passing a parameter to a form

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To avoid getting an error when passing a variable to a form, using If Not against the EOF (I believe means End of File) property.

Arcsoft Totalmedia Extreme causing issues upgrading to Windows 10 Version 1909

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I recently had fun with being unable to upgrade to version 1909 for Window 10 failing with a BSOD and an error which pointed to a memory issue. After using Nirsoft’s BSOD ViewNirsoft’s BSOD View it pointed to ArcSec.sys. I uninstalled Arcsoft Totalmedia Extreme. however the uninstaller left the drivers installed. I then used SysInternals […]

Powershell issue with output characters changing to ?

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On PowerShell command pipe to export CSV add Encoding Unicode if characters change to ? Credit: Idera

If using BULK INSERT ensure widechar is used (It will work but TSQL will add notices which may add pointless text to log files)

Windows 2008 – Alert on Scheduled Job Failure

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First we need to enable logging for the Windows Task Scheduler, open Event Viewer (Put “eventvwr.msc” in Run) and browse to TaskScheduler as below. Right click the Operational log and click properties and ensure the “Enable Logging” is checked Windows is now setup to log Scheduled tasks to the Event Viewer, now we need to […]

Mail on Login failure to a Microsoft SQL Server

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Ensure a mail profile is setup and make a note of its name. Run the following in Microsoft Query Analyser replacing the mail profile and email address.

Sage Line 500 V7.1 CSAgent TCR and Form appear to start but ports never open

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Recently we had this issue where after windows patches were applied, after a reboot the Sage Line 500 v7.1 Windows services no longer worked on our development and live servers. It was due to the Visual Studio dll msvcr71.dll being removed SYSWOW64 (32 Bit systems will be System32 and you can see in process monitor […]

Populate Sage table opheadm with credit note information for Cindercone Magma to send to Tungsten/OB10

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The below stored proc is used to populate two Sage fields shipper_code2 and shipper_code3 in the Order Header Table. Obiously if this is used already by another Sage Project do not use, as the fields won’t be updated. Here I look 30 days backwards and at particular invoice customers (There is no point updating every […]